The Importance of Oral Hygiene

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Good oral hygiene provides a pure breath, a healthy smile and favours clean and free of food waste teeth. Healthy teeth not only enable a good looking smile, but are also essential for the well- being and health nozzle.

Maintaining a healthy mouth implies preventive daily care, as a good brushing and proper flossing, so you can avoid dental problems.

As so, we highlight some suggestions for maintaining a proper oral hygiene:
–  You should ensure a proper tooth cleaning and to wash  all the waste on the toothbrush;
– Eat a balanced food and not excessive consumption of sweets, treats;
– With respect to oral care products give preference to those containing fluorine;
– Go to the dentist regularly.

Also, most dentists advise people to brush their theet more than once so you can get the best and most efficient cleaning, always brushing them for about 3 minutes, two or three brushings a day to be successful in reducing plaque formation.

A correct hygiene influences positively our health and we should teach and encourage children to care of their teeth, transmitting them the importance of always wash their teeth  well, every day and investing in a careful oral hygiene.

Basically your oral hygiene should be performed early on. Experts highlight the importance of brushing after the appearance of the 1st tooth with an extra soft brush to clean the newly erupted teeth, to massage the gums in addition to having a cable that provides good support for the adult who will perform the brushing.


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