A Quick Guide to Dental Veneers

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promo4A veneer is a thin material that is placed over a tooth or series of teeth to protect the tooth (or teeth) from receiving damage such as stains and light scratches. As technology has changed, so have veneers. Their purposes and compositions have developed and improved since their first appearance in 1928. Not only do they serve a purpose of protecting the teeth, they are also used for cosmetic purposes.


            Dental veneers have been used since the year 1928, at which time they were used to change the appearance of the teeth for actors participating in a film shoot. The original inventor, Charles Pincus, continued to improve on them after that, eventually creating veneers that could be retained temporarily through an adhesive.


            Over time, bonding agents have enabled veers to last for a period of time greater than mere days or weeks. In fact, veneers typically last between ten and thirty years. They will have to be maintained during that period of time, but should not need to be replaced unless severe damage occurs. However, while the veneers do last for quite some time, they can also cost a considerable amount of money – sometimes up to three thousand dollars per tooth.

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