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So as to properly care for one’s teeth, the following foods should be avoided.

  1. Sugary foods

Sugar produces bacteria that produce acids in your mouth. These acids can damage your teeth and lead to decay. To improve on your oral health, you need to reduce or do away with sugary foods.

  1. Sticky foods

Such foods can stay on your teeth longer even after brushing thus causing decay. To care for your teeth properly, eat sticky foods as part of the main meal as your extra saliva will wash it away.

  1. Acidic foods

Such foods can raise the acid level in your mouth which can eat away at the teeth enamel. To avoid this, eat in moderation and rinse your mouth with water after eating such foods.

  1. Foods lacking nutritional value

Eating such foods causes your oral health to suffer as your immune system needs a balance of vitamins and minerals so as to fight infection. These can also lead to tooth decay.

  1. Supersized foods

Such foods can injure your jaws causing problems opening the mouth and facial pain. To have good oral care do not eat foods that are about four centimeters in height as this may be too huge for your jaw.

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