Getting the right nutrition for healthier teeth

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The substances you ingest are the basis for a good oral hygiene. If your diet contains all essential nutrients the body needs, your mouth will be more vulnerable to infections. When a child does not eat properly, your teeth may not develop properly. For strong teeth and resistant to decay, you should know that the child needs a diet rich in calcium, phosphorus and fluoride.

What are the different types of nutrients?

A good diet should contain the following nutrients:


Essential fatty acids (contained in fatty products);

Amino acids (found in proteins);

Fifteen vitamins;

About twenty-five minerals;



Why is it important to have proper nutrition?

A poor diet can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars and starches greatly contribute to the production of acids that form plaque and caries. If you must eat foods high in sugar, eat them during meals rather than between meals. Avoid foods that stick to your teeth, because they can increase the formation of plaque. So the less you expose your teeth to these ingredients the better your dental hygiene is.


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