5 reasons for tooth sensitivity

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When you experience tooth sensitivity its usually while you enjoy your favorite hot beverage or ice cream treat. If you find yourself dreading the first sip of your hot coffee in the morning, or turning down a trip to the ice cream parlor, its time to do something about your tooth sensitivity. Here’s a list of 5 reasons for tooth sensitivity to help you pinpoint the cause.


Brushing too hard, especially with a hard toothbrush, is detrimental to your teeth and can lead to tooth sensitivity, since enamel can get worn away by vigorous brushing.

Eating too many acidic foods can also cause sensitivity, especially if the nerves of your teeth are already exposed. Avoid foods such as kiwi, tomato sauce and citrus fruit to reduce tooth sensitivity.


You may not even be aware you’re guilty of the next thing on our list, which is teeth grinding. This happens to some people at night while they sleep. Talk to your dentist if you suspect that you’re grinding your teeth, so you can be fitted with a mouth guard to protect your teeth.


Whitening toothpaste can actually cause tooth sensitivity due to the tooth whitening chemicals in them. If a new whitening toothpaste is causing sensitivity, try another brand or switch back to regular toothpaste.


Last but not least, gingivitis or gum disease is one of the main reasons people experience tooth sensitivity, so don’t wait too long to bring up the problem with your dentist so they can treat you appropriately.


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