Why Had Wisdom Teeth Extractions Been so Popular till Now in Stamford, CT?

Wisdom teeth are something that almost everyone experiences at some point in time, during their life. They are the third set of molars which most of us possess, on both, upper and lower jaws. These set of molars are the last one of our teeth to grow and develop, usually when a person is in their late teenage years or their early twenties.

There have been views among many dental surgeons and anthropologists regarding the development of wisdom teeth. According to many anthropologists and the dental surgeon, wisdom teeth developed because of our ancestor’s dietary habits. The food items they used to consume included leaves, nuts, meats, roots, etc. These kinds of food items required more chewing in comparison to the food items we consume today. To save their teeth from wear and tear of all kinds, the wisdom teeth were essential. However, evolution kicked in, and the wisdom teeth were no longer needed. The need for them is now non-existent. With the infusion of cutlery in our diets and daily lifestyle, along with cooked food on our platters, the use of wisdom teeth is almost not needed. Moreover, the human jaws because of evolution have become smaller and smaller. Because of this, the wisdom teeth have been impacted and therefore now non-existent.

Some people still do get their wisdom teeth, and they require wisdom teeth extractions. This number, however, is considerably low now. The number has fallen one in four people now and then. These are some of the reasons why the wisdom teeth were popular till a certain time ago. The newer generations and our younger ones growing up today no longer need to get their wisdom teeth extracted. However, if you are in the low ratio of people who do require wisdom teeth extractions in Stamford, you may come and give us a visit.

Today, since we have already discussed how our jaws are growing smaller and smaller, if your wisdom teeth still are developing, you might experience a lot of pain, because they do not have a lot of space to emerge out. To make sure that your wisdom teeth extractions are successful, you must undergo surgery in your younger years, possibly till your early 20’s. If you do this, you are making sure that future complications are prevented, and there is an optimal level of healing.

However, if wisdom teeth are not removed in a timely fashion, this could lead to the damage of our second set of molars. Moreover, not just this, it could cause other complications and would eventually lead to complications in surgical ways.

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