Why Comprehensive Dental Examinations Are a Must – Stamford, CT

To obtain optimum oral health, people should practice not only oral hygiene at home but also seek professional attention regularly. The American Dental Association highly recommend dental visits every six months. For children, this is advised to start as soon as their first tooth erupts (usually on the sixth month). But, do know that there is another form of examination that is highly useful to patients. Besides the routine visits, comprehensive dental exams are also a go-to service to attain excellent overall oral health.

Comprehensive dental exams are more detailed and thorough compared to regular checkups. The processes performed during this examination will help dentists determine the needs of a particular patient. After knowing this, they would then create a customized treatment plan that may include preventive measures, immediate dental care, and even cosmetic options patients may want to consider.


Dental Appointment


At Stamford Dental Spa, we offer a comprehensive exam to our patients with the aim of providing them a preventive measure against any oral complications. Curious about the things to expect during this dental service? Here are the typical processes involved:

  • Evaluation of the patient’s medical history, diet, and concerns, will be analyzed.
  • The teeth will then be checked to assess the patient’s risks for cavities and the effectivity of their oral care practices.
  • The dentist will provide oral hygiene techniques that patients should follow to ensure adequate maintenance at home.
  • If the patient is currently wearing restorations, the dentist will check its overall state.
  • Dental x-rays will be performed for the dentist to get a clearer view of the mouth, including areas that are harder to spot by visual examination alone.
  • The extent of cavities affecting the teeth will be checked to know the best solution to provide.
  • Professional teeth cleanings will be provided to get rid of harmful buildups and even stains.
  • Oral cancer screening will also be performed to make sure that the earliest symptoms will be spotted and handled accordingly to take care of the notorious problem promptly.
  • Medications taken by the patient either for maintenance or occasionally will be reviewed to know if it has an impact on the management of oral health.
  • Afterward, the dentist will take time to address any questions, concerns, or any other information needed by patients to ensure their confidence and ease.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Comprehensive Exams in Stamford, CT. Book your appointment with us at Stamford Dental Spa and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!