Why choose Digital X-ray at Stamford?

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Determining dental issues with a physical examination is challenging. It has a low percentage of accuracy since there are specific areas of the mouth which can develop dental problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Here at Stamford Dental Spa, we offer Digital X-ray for easy detection and diagnosis of oral issues.


What is Digital X-ray?

Digital radiography or also known as a dental x-ray is a form of radiographic imaging, where it uses a digital sensor for viewing, storing and sharing images. Unlike traditional x-rays, digital x-rays reduce radiation and prohibit chemical disposal. These are typically used for dental examination and procedures; it allows the dentist to diagnose and detect dental issue which is not visible to the naked eye. With the use of electronic sensor placed in the mouth, Digital X-ray captures the images of the mouth and flash into the computer screen directly. It produces large images to view and locates hard to see dental problems.

Benefits of Digital X-ray

  • Less radiation: Digital x-rays can provide excellent safety. In fact, it lessens the Radiation up to 90% compared to the traditional film-based system.
  • Time-saving: It captures x-ray images with digital sensory instantly. The dentist can diagnose dental issues easier and faster and provide treatment right away.
  • Clear pictures with better outcome: Digital x-rays can produce better visual aid for both patient and dentist to understand the diagnosis and treatment options clearly.
  • Environment-friendly: Because digital x-rays prohibit toxic chemical disposal, there are no dark rooms needed to store films.
  • Short time appointments: Digital X-ray display the results instantly. It projects the image right into the screen, for the patient to see a high-quality picture of the overall mouth health.
  • Safety: Pregnant women can undergo digital x-rays, but they are still advised to use protective lead aprons with thyroid collars.

Digital radiography is one of the essential technological advancement nowadays. It offers a lot of benefits that allows the patient to get an accurate diagnosis for determining the right treatment needed for each case.

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