Why Choose ClearCorrect Aligners in Stamford.

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Why Choose ClearCorrect Aligners in Stamford.


Do you feel self-conscious every time you open your mouth? Do you avoid smiling because of the state of your teeth? If you’re constantly hiding your teeth from others and making the effort to not laugh, ClearCorrect can help you fix that. With ClearCorrect’s help, you can finally have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

What Is ClearCorrect?

The ClearCorrect system of aligners changes the space between your teeth and subtly repositions them over time. The only time you should remove your custom-made aligners is to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

What Does ClearCorrect Do?

Clear aligner trays from ClearCorrect put pressure on the wearer’s teeth to correct difficulties with tooth alignment. In comparison to braces, these invisible aligner trays exert more accurate stresses on the patient’s teeth.


Many different problems that prevent people from having their ideal smile can be resolved with ClearCorrect. Teeth that are straighter not only appear better but also function better. Teeth that are not in proper alignment can wear down more quickly and are more likely to develop cavities. 

The Many Benefits Of ClearCorrect



ClearCorrect provides discrete aligners that seamlessly cover your existing teeth. You can sneakily straighten your smile because no one will notice that you are wearing aligners. Simply put, people will only notice your wider smile and straighter teeth.



The smooth, transparent plastic that makes up ClearCorrect aligners makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. With the ease that ClearCorrect aligners are made to provide, you’ll never have to worry about wearing uncomfortable aligners again!



Patients who use ClearCorrect aligners get their teeth straighter and with better spacing. A variety of orthodontic problems, including crooked teeth, spaces between teeth, underbites, overbites, and crossbites, can be resolved with the use of ClearCorrect’s comprehensive tooth-straightening technology. ClearCorrect users receive all of these benefits without having to get their teeth covered up during treatment by metal brackets and wires. Furthermore, the clear ClearCorrect aligners are nearly undetectable when worn.



Your ClearCorrect aligners are easily removable, so you can wear them for the majority of the time while also taking them off for activities like eating and cleaning, as well as for significant events where you would prefer not to wear them. They are quite simple to maintain because you can remove them as you wish to give them a thorough cleaning.


Interested in knowing more about ClearCorrect? Our aim at Stamford Dental Spa is to give you the best dental care that is catered to your needs. To find out if you are a good candidate for ClearCorrect, reach out to us.