The mention of tooth extraction in stamford, CT might give us chills, and when we know it is about to happen to us, we might feel even more dreadful. A Tooth extraction is the process of detaching a tooth from its socket and separating it from the jaw bone. It might sound scary if it has never happened to you. But an expert dentist can do it very easily and with much less pain, specifically if it is the extraction of the front tooth. We are that expert dentist in Stamford, CT. 

Reason for front tooth extraction

After we attempt every possible option to save the tooth, if there are no hopes, then a tooth extraction is the last solution. A person would need a front tooth extraction in the following cases:

Tooth decay

If a tooth is severely damaged, and it is difficult to repair, then the dentist pulls it out to protect the surrounding teeth. In case of severe gum disease, a tooth may become loose and would need extraction

Misaligned tooth

Any tooth that is not straight and has come out slant disturbing the other teeth would require extraction. A misaligned tooth, if it stays in the mouth, can impact the oral health of a person.

Shark teeth

Some people may have an extra row of teeth or may have some extra teeth. These extra teeth may disturb a person in speaking properly.

Teeth Straightening

The process of straightening the teeth may require some adjustment in the teeth. The dentist may also need to remove some teeth to make the alignment straight.


Any radiation therapy makes the immune system weak, which increases the chances of infection in gums or teeth.

However, no dentist would remove a front tooth unless there is an unavoidable condition in front of them, which may compromise your oral health. If you want to have a front tooth extraction, then call Stamford Dental Spa at (203) 628-2077 and consult our best dentists.