What to expect in the course of a Root Canal.

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The good news for all Stamford residents and visitors is that there are now several high quality dental services available near you. Well, Stamford Dental Spa is the best thing that has happened to all patients in Stamford thanks to the fact that it specializes in modern dentistry. And by modern dentistry I mean they specialize in the latest dental services such as root canals that is there to not only relieve you of pain or solving dental health problems, but also help improve your smile, appearance and confidence.

A root canal is simply a dental treatment that is used to save and repair an infected or badly damaged tooth. The procedure at Stamford Dental Spa or in any other modernized dental clinic involves extracting the injured area of the pulp (tooth), cleaning and decontaminating it and then filling and closing it. So, if you’re thinking of visiting a dental clinic in your town or Stamford Dental Spa in Stamford, here is what you should expect during the root canal treatment:

  • X-ray scanning, which is used by the dentist to examine and spot where the decay or damage is located. It is done when the dentist suspects you need a root canal.
  • Local anesthesia administration. This falls under sedation dentistry to help be comfortable during the procedure.
  • Polypectomy, which involves making a opening and removing the infected tooth.
  • Lastly, filling is done through adding gutta-percha material to the opening and then sealed off with cement.