Understanding common Dental Services

When you visit your Stamford dental services clinic, you’ll probably have a few dental services done to maintain or restore the good condition of your teeth and gums.  While it’s a good idea to leave dental services to the discretion of your Stamford dentist, it’s helpful to make an effort in understanding common dental services.  This way, you can ask questions and address any concerns about dental services you’re receiving at your Stamford dental clinic.

One of the most common dental services performed by your Stamford dentist is a cleaning, also known as a scale and polish or prophy.  Removing tartar helps reduce the incidence of tooth decay and gingivitis, which will lead to the need for dental services to address these issues. When you have your teeth cleaned by your Stamford dentist, you’ll be able to take better care of your teeth at home.  This crucial part of the dental services provided by your Stamford dentist is one way of making sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

During your routine visit with your Stamford dentist, you may need additional dental services due to the discovery of cavities or tooth decay.  Your Stamford dentist will need to perform dental services known as fillings to stop the decay and restore proper function of your teeth.  The affected area of your tooth is cleaned by your Stamford dentist with special drills, then filled with either a tooth colored or silver-like material to complete the necessary dental services for restoring your tooth.