Types of dental cleaning in Stamford

Are you planning on getting a dental cleaning for yourself or a loved one but aren’t sure about which type of cleaning is the one you need most particularly? In this article, we’ll lay it on the table the types of dental cleaning and which one will suit you best.

There are four types of dental cleaning: Gum scaling and root planing, Gross debridement, Prophylaxis cleaning and Periodontal maintenance. The end result of each procedure is all the same – cleaner teeth. But each procedure is performed differently and is for different kinds of needs.

Gum scaling and root planing

Gum scaling and root planing is a slightly more invasive tooth cleaning procedure but still non-surgical, designed to clean between the teeth and gums all the way down to the roots. It is also known as deep cleaning. The procedure may take several visits to the dentist to completely remove any plaque/tartar.

This procedure is mainly performed on patients at high risk of developing gum disease or patients who have already developed gum diseases such as gingivitis, bleeding gums, swollen gums, loose teeth or periodontitis. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to bone and tooth loss or shifting teeth, among other health concerns. In addition, sometimes your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning before another required dental procedure.

Gross debridement

Typically, a special tool with ultrasonic vibrations is used to remove calcified tartar and later followed by scaling. Patients can expect this cleaning to last around 45-60 minutes. Predominantly, a gross debridement is a thorough procedure to remove any and all plaque buildup on the teeth and gums.

Normally a simple gross debridement doesn’t take long, however, debridements that are performed on damaged teeth with a large amount of plaque buildup may take a while to complete.

A gross debridement is most often performed on patients who have not visited the dentist in over a year or who have developed a build-up of hardened plaque on the surface of the teeth.

Prophylaxis cleaning

In many instances, prophylaxis is done by a dental hygienist. Their job entails removing all the plaque from teeth, removing deeper, hardened plaque (calculus) and any stains that exist on the surface of the teeth.

The procedure is also known as a basic cleaning or routine cleaning. Prophylaxis is a routine maintenance in order to ensure oral health teeth and gums and is typically done on patients with already-healthy teeth, along with daily oral hygiene practices.

A prophylaxis cleaning takes about 30 minutes and is recommended every 6 months to ensure plaque has not begun to build up on the surface of the teeth and to clean off hardened plaque if it already has developed.

Periodontal maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is routine maintenance for individuals who have serious oral concerns such as gingivitis or periodontitis. The procedure requires frequent visits to the dentist to clean the entire area of the mouth. Usually performed over a framed amount of time or until all oral health concerns are properly dealt with and the symptoms of gum disease are managed and fully under control.

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