Think You Cannot Achieve Something Great in Six Months? Change That.

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Six months is not a short time, but can it be long enough to make a difference in one’s life? Well, with the help of Six Month Smiles, it is possible. Unfamiliar with the said treatment? Continue reading below!

Six Month Smiles is a type of orthodontic treatment that straightens the teeth using the same approach as the traditional option – using brackets and wires. But instead of metal, clear and tooth-colored materials are utilized for a more aesthetically pleasing appliance. Thanks to this, patients who are conscious with their look can be assured that they no longer have to worry about a mouthful of metal. But aside from effectivity and aesthetics, there is one more thing that makes the said orthodontic option highly favorable. Instead of wearing the oral appliance in a year or so, the treatment can be completed in as little as six months!

after six month smiles treatment

What are the Changes Brought by Six Month Smiles?

Better oral hygiene

Although wearing braces is good to keep oral health in shape, it can become an issue as well. For example, cleaning the teeth is more challenging because of the brackets and wires that get in the way of toothbrush bristles. Although using special brushes make it easier, it is still quite complicated. The good thing with Six Month Smiles is, patients can regain the full access of their mouth in a short time. As a result, threats that can put oral health at risk can be eliminated faster.

More convenient

Six month smiles works by moving the teeth that show the most when smiling. Due to this, people who are getting ready for big events like graduation, weddings, or new job opportunities can achieve their smile goals in just a short time.

Fixed a variety of issues

Some of the problems Six Month Smiles can correct are overcrowding, slight gaps, slight underbite or overbites, misalignment, and crossbites. Patients can expect that their front teeth will be perfectly straightened but, improvements to their bite is not possible.

Improved confidence

Since Six Month Smiles can fix the smile flaws that has been bothering the patient for years, they can become more confident to flash their new and improved pearly-whites. Aside from its physical manifestation, the confidence radiates to their psychological wellness as well.

As long as patients follow the instructions provided by the dentist throughout the treatment, favorable results can be achieved in as little as six months!

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