The technology behind pain free dentistry

Fear is a major issue for many people when they consider going to the dentist.  If you neglect visiting your Stamford pain free dentist for necessary dental services, you’re putting yourself and your overall health at a disadvantage.  Understanding the technology behind pain free dentistry can help you overcome your fear of the dentist and get the dental care you need.

Many dentists are now rebranding themselves as a pain free dentist, and your Stamford dentist is no exception.  Steps are taken to ensure that you know you are in a safe and secure environment when you visit your Stamford pain free dentist.  Before you even enter the treatment room, the waiting area of your Stamford pain free dentist office is designed to calm and reassure you.  In the treatment room, technology is used to deliver a pain free dentist experience to you.


Your Stamford pain free dentist uses a specialized tool known as an anesthesia wand to deliver medications that remove pain and discomfort during procedures.  This wand is controlled by a computer so that you get the exact amount of anesthetic you need.  If you’re afraid of needles, you can rest assured that your Stamford pain free dentist won’t be brandishing a syringe and needle.  A small amount of topical anesthetic applied before the needle enters the gum, making it a truly pain free dentist experience.   Together with this technology, your Stamford pain free dentist’s gentle and respectful manner will help keep you relaxed and calm the entire duration of your visit.