The Benefits of Oraverse

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The Benefits Of Oraverse


We’ve all been there. Right after any typical dental surgery or procedure, there’s a lingering numbness that can last for three to five hours, depending on how much anesthesia was used. This can become incredibly inconvenient and frustrating if you need to get back to work or have something else planned after your dental visit. Your ability to speak, smile, eat, and drink is affected, and you might even experience uncontrollable drooling. OraVerse is a dental innovation that helps relieve patients of the unneeded and unwelcome numbness they normally feel following standard dental operations.


What Is OraVerse?


OraVerse is the first and only anesthesia reversal medication that helps patients who don’t want to be trapped with the unwelcome effects of anesthesia after their dental procedure for hours. OraVerse can help you quickly return to normal sensation and function after dental surgery. To put it simply, OraVerse counteracts the effects of novocaine so that the dental patient will be able to return to normal in about half the time. 


Up until now, a patient receiving a local anesthetic had to experience speech impairment, trouble swallowing and drinking, and a likely change in appearance for two to three hours after the appointment with no option to reverse it. Additionally, some patients end up biting their lips, cheeks, or tongue, sometimes rather traumatizingly. 


Who Can Benefit From OraVerse?


Any adult that wants to be able to go about their day without having their capacity to talk, smile, eat, or drink restricted after dental surgery can benefit from OraVerse. To find out if you qualify for OraVerse, you must first schedule a visit with your dentist. 


Can Children Use OraVerse?


When a child has had dental work done using a local anesthetic, they can benefit from using OraVerse. Statistics show that children are more likely than adults to experience post-treatment stress because of their natural curiosity, which could result in unintentional biting, pinching, or scratching of the numb tissue. Injury risk is reduced the earlier the local anesthetic’s effects start to wear off, which makes the use of OraVerse a no-brainer.


Is OraVerse Safe?


OraVerse is completely safe. The FDA has authorized OraVerse, which has been shown to be both safe and effective for undoing the effects of local dental anesthetics.


Dental patients who take OraVerse will notice a significant reduction in their propensity to chew their tongue, cheeks, and lips when those areas are numb. Additionally, because the anesthetic area returns to normal function more rapidly, there is less likelihood of an injury occurring. 


OraVerse is another useful resource that has been introduced to the modern dentist’s arsenal as the dental industry continues to evolve in many positive ways. Being able to speak, eat, smile, and drink normally in only about half the time after dental surgery is now possible. The best thing about it is that this can benefit almost any dental patient.


Thanks to OraVerse, patients can continue their usual activities after dental procedures twice as soon as the typical recovery time. Whether you need to be ready for an afternoon meeting and cannot spare the waiting time, or simply dislike the lingering numbing effects of anesthesia, OraVerse can be of assistance.


If requested or needed, Stamford Dental Spa can provide OraVerse and all of its benefits to our patients. Stamford Dental Spa uses cutting-edge technology and therapeutic procedures to make your next dental appointment as comfortable and smooth as it can be. Give us a call at (203) 324-7777 today to schedule a consultation and get the smile of your dreams with the help of Stamford Dental Spa.