The ABCs of root canal surgery

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When you visit your Stamford dentist because you’re experiencing dental pain, the recommended treatment may be root canal surgery. In an attempt to avoid extracting a permanent tooth, your Stamford dentist will perform root canal surgery. This article outlines the ABCs of root canal surgery to help you understand each step of the procedure.


Understanding the anatomy of a tooth is pivotal to having a good understanding of root canal surgery and what it entails. Each tooth is made up of the top layer, enamel, followed by dentin, a hard material that helps to protect the root of your tooth. The pulp, which provides nourishment to the tooth is what can become inflamed, causing dental pain and infection. Your Stamford dentist will remove the infected part of your tooth by performing root canal surgery.


Before beginning root canal surgery, your Stamford dentist will numb the area around the tooth, and proceed to create a small opening by drilling through the enamel and dentin. Then, using special endodontic files along with irrigation, your Stamford dentist will remove the infected tissue. Your Stamford dentist may decide that your tooth needs additional support, and will place a post inside the canal of your tooth before filling. At this point in the root canal surgery, your Stamford dentist will prepare to fill the opening with a material called gutta-percha. The root canal surgery is now complete, and your Stamford dentist will then make arrangements for a crown or cap to be made and placed over the treated tooth.