Teeth polishing in Stamford

Although our favorite beverages such as red wine, coffee and tea are infamous for causing stains on the outer layer of the tooth, a glossy and lustrous smile is really easy to achieve these days. Teeth polishing not only helps enhance your smile but also keeps cavities at bay. If you are interested to find out more about teeth polishing in Stamford, read on…

What is teeth polishing?

There are many factors that could lead to discoloration of the external layer of the tooth. Teeth polishing is the removal of stains on teeth and leaves them glistening and smooth, as well as putting the finishing touches on preventive dental treatment. Tooth polishing is a procedure carried out as a part of oral prophylaxis in most dental practices. It improves dental health and aesthetics of the teeth.

Types of teeth polishing

Therapeutic polishing:

This procedure is the polishing of the root of the tooth that is exposed right after a surgery. It helps to reduce endotoxin and microflora on the surface of the cementum (bone-like mineralized tissue lining the dentin of the root that protects the root).


Coronal/ cosmetic polishing:

Coronal or cosmetic polishing is a procedure created to make the tooth free of plaque and extrinsic stains. During this procedure, the enamel surface is polished to an extent that it can even reflect the visible light.


Superficial polishing:

Superficial polishing is primarily done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. The procedure involves polishing of the crown of the tooth.


Selective polishing:

Also known as extrinsic stain removal or selective stain removal. The procedure is done on the tooth that is professionally selected. This polishing technique is recommended post scaling procedure, and it removes any remaining stains.


  • Teeth polishing is not recommended as a routine dental procedure as it can cause unwanted damage.
  • Teeth polishing is not recommended for those who have: teeth without stains, newly erupted teeth, tooth decalcification, hypo-calcification, hypoplasia, demineralization, rampant caries.

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