Teeth Extractions in Stamford, CT: Types and Aftercare Tips

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Teeth extraction is probably one of the most common yet avoided dental procedures. As much as patients and dentists want to keep all the teeth intact, having it removed can sometimes be the best solution.

For instance, extraction can be part of the preparation before an orthodontic treatment or if the tooth is already too comprised to be saved. Despite the advances in dental care and services, there are still factors that can lead to teeth extraction. Since it is already known to be essential in some cases, patients still have some questions in mind. To provide the much-needed answers, we at Stamford Dental Spa prepared the things everyone should know about teeth extractions.


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What is Tooth Extraction?

It is a straightforward procedure performed by the dentist where a tooth is removed from its socket. The process can be done differently depending on the tooth that needs to be removed. There are two types: simple and surgical extractions.

A simple extraction is a typical method executed by dentists. It is for the teeth that are visible on the mouth. Local anesthetics are used often to make sure that the portion of the mouth where the procedure will take place is numbed for patients’ comfort. Tools to grasp the tooth will be carefully used to rock the tooth back and forth and loosen the periodontal ligament that holds it in place. Afterward, a slow and stable pressure is applied to the tooth using forceps to remove it.

Dentists perform surgical extraction to teeth that are not fully erupted or if it is broken beneath the gum line. It is a much-complicated procedure since the teeth that often require this process is not easily accessed. This type of extraction method almost always requires the need for an incision to gain access on the tooth to be removed. At times, dentists may even need to split a tooth for it to be properly removed. Afterward, the wound would be sutured to promote its healing. To make patients more comfortable during this procedure, they are usually under general anesthesia.


Aftercare Tips

To speed up recovery after tooth extraction, patients should observe the following:

  • It is best to eat soft foods after the procedure to get a sufficient amount of nutrition while waiting for a blood clot to form on the extraction site.
  • Use ice pack against the cheek for 20-minute intervals to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Avoid using a straw and spitting after surgery to prevent the disruption of the clotting process.
  • Twenty-four hours after surgery, rinse the mouth with a solution of lukewarm water and salt.

After the recovery period, patients can schedule another visit with us at Stamford Dental Spa to discuss the restoration options.

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