Straight Teeth are Clearly Better in Stamford

Straight Teeth are Clearly Better in Stamford

Obtaining Straight Teeth by a Dentist in Stamford has never been so easy. In many cases, the need for metal and wire in your mouth to straighten your teeth is no longer necessary. The days of wires and brackets rubbing the inside of your mouth, and rubberbands shooting out while you’re giving a presentation may be over. 

Clear aligners might be an option.

Much like standard braces, clear aligners move your teeth a little at a time, repositioning them to make your smile straighter. Since they are clear, the look of your aligner isn’t as noticeable, and the materials used are tested for stress resistance, crack and impact resistance, and stain resistance. They are thin and durable and while it’s not a good idea to chew gum or eat with them in, you can take them out and brush them if you feel that they might get stained or damaged. 

Using technology to come up with an alignment plan, the orthodontist will find the best when, what, and how to move your teeth. The goal isn’t to just straighten one tooth, but to adjust the teeth in your mouth to make your bite and your life healthier.

With clear aligners, you will go in for a new aligner, every few weeks, depending on your plan, until your smile is perfected. The standard is that they need to be in your mouth for 22 hours of the day, but again, it all depends on the plan that your orthodontist devises for you. 

Aligners may become uncomfortable. This means they are doing their job. You might be tempted to take them out, but remember, your teeth are moving so you may experience mild discomfort.

They come with a case for a reason. While it might be tempting to slip your aligner into a napkin when you’re out at a restaurant, or put it in your pocket or purse, the best bet to keep from losing, damaging, or misplacing them is to put them in their case. And while the aligners are tough, they aren’t pet resistant, so keep them in the case when they aren’t in your mouth.

If you lose or damage your aligner, make sure to contact your orthodontist immediately. They will advise you of the steps you need to take to keep the plan on track. 

You don’t need to take your aligners out if you want to take a drink, however, make sure that you brush your teeth if you are drinking highly acidic or sugary drinks or anything that might stain, like coffee or wine. The liquid can get behind the aligner and fester, causing cavities. 

All in all though, if your orthodontist says that you are a candidate for clear aligners, they won’t inhibit you the way that standard braces may. You can still eat the toffee that you love, without worrying about it getting stuck between the bands. You can eat that salad, without worrying about lettuce getting caught in your teeth. 

With clear aligners, you can still play sports and be active, and no one will make fun of the train tracks in your mouth. 

Orthodonture is often necessary. No matter whether you are able to use clear aligners or if you have to go the way of metal braces, the end result is a healthier mouth. 

Remember, straight teeth are clearly better in Stamford.