Should you consider dental implants in Stamford

Dental implant is a surgery for when damaged teeth are replaced with artificial ones. The root of the damaged tooth is replaced with a metal screw that dentists can then screw in the artificial tooth into. If you are looking to find out more about dental implants, read on…

Why are dental implants done?

Dental implants are one of the most useful and successful restoration options available today. With the advancements in technology and science, dental implants are available for almost anyone. You should be able to consider a dental implant if:

  • You have one or more missing teeth
  • Your jawbone is fully mature
  • Your oral tissue is healthy
  • Your bones are adequate to secure implants
  • You are able to have a bone graft
  • Your bones are healthy and doesn’t have complication that can affect its healing
  • You are unable/prefer not to wear dentures
  • Dentures cause you speech problems

Benefits of getting dental implants

When we start losing our teeth, our dental structures may also start to weaken. This can cause teeth to become loose and shift away from their normal position. This can increase the risk of losing more teeth. Dental implants are great when it comes to restoring the natural function of your teeth and at the same time help maintain a natural smile. 

If you are considering a dental implant for yourself or your loved one, here are benefits to consider:

  • Dental implants replace missing teeth and help maintain natural teeth from shifting.
  • Dental implants help support and brace natural teeth from becoming loose.
  • Dental implants are more comfortable than dentures, which makes it easier to speak and eat.
  • It helps to restore the appearance of your smile
  • Dental implants are made to last for decades, keeping you with a long- lasting smile.
  • The surgery for dental implants is safe and has a quick recovery rate.
  • Dental implants are easy to maintain and clean with just a regular dental hygiene routine.
  • It has a better appearance than dentures.
  • You do not need to remove implants like you do with dentures.
  • Dental implants help protect and preserve a healthy jawbone.

Alternative to dental implants

There are other choices to pick from if dental implants are not for you. It may be for medical reasons or just comfort and preference. If you are in need of a tooth replacement, it is important to know all your options. Here are alternatives to dental implants:

  • Full mouth dentures

Dentures are the most familiar teeth replacement we all know about. They are an excellent choice if you’re missing all your teeth. 

  • Partial dentures

Partial dentures are for when you’ve lost several teeth but still have remaining healthy teeth. Unlike full dentures, they are easier to remove and eat with but can be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Fixed bridges

Fixed bridges are fixed in place and can only be removed by your dentist. Because they are fixed, you wouldn’t have to worry about them falling off and it may feel more natural.

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