Reasons You May Need a Root Canal Treatment in Stamford, CT

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Root canal treatment is a procedure of restoring teeth that have been severely damaged or infected. Patients who suffer from tooth decay and damage to the root surfaces of the tooth can undergo root canal treatment. Stamford Dental Spa offers root canal treatment for the community of Stamford to facilitate them with their dental problems.


Root canal treatment


Here are the reasons why an individual needs a root canal treatment:

Deep Cavities

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria produce acids inside the mouth and eats away teeth’s enamel. Decay may not be noticed at first, yet they can affect the outer enamel of the teeth until they progress and reach the deeper layers of the tooth and damage the pulp. Damaged pulp could cause infection, extreme pain, and may even lead to tooth loss.

Large Fillings

Large filling procedures may affect the structural integrity of the tooth. It can increase the amount of extensive decay; as a result, the decay or filling reaches the pulp and leads to damage and inflammation. In this case, root canal treatment necessary.

Cracks/Chipped Tooth

Teeth are exposed to many stresses such as chewing, grinding, and clenching. It can result in cracks or chipped that can be the basis to receive a root canal treatment. Some minor teeth injuries have alternative procedures, yet severe ones need to undergo root canal treatment if the damage has extended into the pulp of the tooth.

Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

  • Decreasing the risk of tooth extraction
  • Can save the original tooth
  • Decreasing the risk of bone loss
  • Relieve tooth pain
  • Stop infection
  • Enhance the overall dental health

Many alternative dental treatments can save teeth, like root canal treatment. Make sure to consult a dental specialist before undergoing such procedures.


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