Putting Your Teeth in a Glass: Dentures in Stamford

Putting Your Teeth in a Glass: Dentures in Stamford


It’s an odd thing for a child to see their grandparents’ teeth in a glass next to the sink. Explaining dentures in Stamford can be a teaching experience for kids on why they need to brush their teeth. 


While George Washington didn’t really have wooden teeth, he did have dentures, and we’ve come a long way since then.


Why Dentures?


With the advancements in dental implants, periodontal disease prevention, and longer-lasting materials for fillings, it’s hard to imagine that someone would still have dentures.


Implants are more costly than dentures and in many cases with insurance policies, they are still not covered. There are also cases when implants won’t work. If the bone structure in the jaw, the receding of the gums is too advanced, or other medical conditions or medications prevent the individual from the extended procedure that’s required, you may want to consider a partial or full set of dentures.


Periodontal disease is hereditary. So, even if you take excellent care of your teeth throughout your life, you may experience gum disease. Gum disease weakens and dissolves the tissue and bone in your jaw, so implants aren’t usually an option.

Implants are surgical procedures. Each implant is a screw in your jawbone. Individuals that have diabetes, a weak immune system, insufficient bones, or issues with bleeding may not be eligible to get an implant. Medications that keep the blood from clotting, such as Warfarin®, or Eliquis®, may also keep your dentist from going forward with dental implants.




False teeth have been around for centuries. They were made from ivory and human or animal teeth. Porcelain is still used today, however, the most viable option for dentures is acrylic resin. The resin dentures last longer and are much lighter than previous options.


Dentures can be partials or full set dentures. Partials are used to replace a few teeth, while full dentures are required when you have no teeth that are strong enough left. Full dentures require an initial fitting for the acrylic resin plate that the “teeth” will sit on. When fitted properly, the plate will create a suction that holds the dentures in place.


Full dentures can be used in conjunction with implants, a hybrid denture so to speak. Called permanent dentures, instead of using an acrylic resin plate that sits over your gums, permanent dentures utilize an implant to connect the plate to the gums, making a longer-lasting smile, and a more cost-effective one as well.


No matter which option you and the dental staff choose, dentures can help your mouth, not only by improving your smile but your health as well. 


Putting your teeth in the glass


Full dentures and partial dentures come out. That glass next to the sink, it’s full of cleansers to keep your dentures sanitary. They require care. If you have gum disease, you may need to get refitted sooner than the five-year life dentures have with care.


Whether it’s for cost reasons or other reasons, dentures in Stamford can make your smile and your mouth happier. Give us a call to schedule a consultation today.