Picture Perfect Smiles in Stamford

We all want a picture perfect smile, and to achieve that our dentists in Stamford need to get the perfect picture.

It’s standard that the first visit to the dentist will require x-rays. Digital x-rays help your dentist to see problems and come up with solutions. 

Children especially need their mouths examined more thoroughly. As their jaws and teeth develop, there is more of a chance for tooth decay, cavities, and impactions.

As we get older, if our teeth are healthy and our oral hygiene is in good order, the need for x-rays lessens. However, there are a variety of reasons why your dentist may require them.

Reasons X-rays are needed

Another reason that children require x-rays is to check the development of wisdom teeth. As their mouths develop, knowing when wisdom teeth might impact their life is key to keeping that impact at a minimum.

Not every cleaning as an adult will require x-rays. Depending on your hygiene health, your dentist may only require them if they see an issue.

They may be needed to see in areas under dental fillings or in between your teeth to examine the extent of tooth decay or to see if you have any cysts or tumors present.

If you require grafting before getting dental implants your dentist will need to check the extent of jaw bone loss.

In the event of a possible abscess or an infection, your dentist might recommend an x-ray to check for broken or fractured teeth and assess the level of damage.

Also any orthodontic procedure will require x-rays so there is an accurate image of your teeths current position and condition, before fitting.

Types of X-rays:

Periapical X-rays

This x-ray is to check for abnormalities within your root structure and the surrounding bone, taking pictures of your teeth from the crown down to the root.

Bite-wing X-rays

By biting down on a special piece of paper, a bite-wing x-ray gives a detailed view of both upper and lower teeth in a region where your dentist may want to check for decay in-between your teeth or bone loss due to periodontal infections.

They also help determine sizing for dental crowns or bridges and check your dental fillings.

Occlusal X-rays

This x-ray captures an image of your entire mouth. In order to keep track of the development and placement of an entire arch of teeth on your upper or lower jaw, these x-rays are often used by pediatric dentists to check on baby teeth and impacted teeth. 

Panoramic X-rays

Often required to check on wisdom teeth or create a plan for implants, the panoramic x-ray shows the placement of emerged teeth, emerging and impacted teeth within the same image. The x-rays are also used to diagnose tumors and assist in diagnosing problems in your jaw.

If you need x-rays, our dentists will discuss your dental plan with you, and unless it’s an emergency situation, the x-rays will be part of that plan.

Give us a call in Stamford, at (203) 324-7777 to schedule an appointment. Our goal is always to keep your mouth healthy and your smile picture perfect.