Make Your First Visit to a New Dental Office Go Smoothly! – Stamford, CT

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Oral health is a vital part of achieving excellent overall wellness. That is why after moving to a new place, choosing a good location is one thing and looking for a good dental office is another.

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Scheduling your first dental visit to a new dental practice does not have to be thrilling or a hassle. There are simple things to remember and to prepare to make sure that the first and future dental appointments would go as smoothly as possible. To help, here is a list we prepared.


Dental Visit


What to Expect


Since you are new to the office, the receptionist would ask to have some forms filled. During this time, you can also ask some questions like their payment options, scheduling, and other information that can potentially be of assistance in the future.


It is usually performed during initial visits for the dentist to have a clearer view of a patient’s condition underneath the gums. Doing so will help them detect any irregularities that may put one’s oral health at risk.

Oral examination

The dental professional would then visually check the state of the teeth, gums, and other oral structures. They will be in the lookout for the signs of cavities or gum disease so that immediate measures will be taken accordingly.

Professional Cleaning

Although hygiene practices at home get rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, dentists have a method that cleans the mouth more thoroughly. Having the teeth cleaned regularly helps lessen or even eliminate a patient’s risk of developing oral complications. This procedure also helps promote healthier teeth and gums, fresher breath, as well as a brighter smile.


Afterward, the patient would be advised to schedule their next visit preferably after six months or sooner depending on the recommendation of the dentist. The interval of visits relies on the treatment plan proposed by the dental professional that is formulated based on the state of one’s oral health.


What to Prepare

  • Medical history record
  • File of medications taken whether regularly or occasionally
  • Physical examination record
  • Names or phone numbers of doctors and family members
  • List of concerns, cosmetic plans, and more


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