Laser dentistry benefits in Stamford

Laser dentistry is a fairly new method in dental technology. They are usually used to prepare the tooth structure for a filling or other restorative material. Dental lasers are quiet, non-invasive, and highly accurate, making them very effective in preparations for cavity fix. If you or a loved one is getting a laser treatment, in this article we discuss laser dentistry benefits in Stamford, read on..

Benefits of laser dentistry

  • No need for drills

Lasers can often be used to replace the drill that was traditionally used. Not only will there be less movement there will also be less noise from the laser unlike the drill. It is said that the laser only produces a tap-tap sound.

  • A more accurate cavity diagnosis

Laser allows the dentist to pass a specific frequency of laser light over the teeth which helps in identifying cavities more accurately. 

  • Prepares better sterilization of the tooth before filling or crown

The lasers help prepare the surface of the tooth that makes the filling adhere better to the tooth, which improves the structural strength of the tooth as well.

  • Healing and generation of tissues are faster after procedure

Due to the closing of capillaries from the burning of the laser, laser wounds typically heal within a day.

  • Natural structure of tooth is more preserved

The laser allows more accurate removal of the affected area, unlike the drill. Hence leaving more natural tooth structure than conventional drills.

  • Reduces the need for anesthetic

The laser itself has the ability to numb the tooth after a few seconds into the procedure. As a result, minor cavity fixes require no anesthetic.

  • Reduces the need for surgery

Laser gum treatment to address gum disease and receding gums require less expenses that comes with the traditional gum surgery.

  • Bleeding and swelling is reduced during and after treatment

Laser treatment is more gentle on the soft tissues. Hence reducing bleeding and swelling that is more likely to occur with traditional methods.

  • Higher comfort during procedure or treatment

Patients find that laser treatment is far more comfortable, tolerable, painless and easy to handle than regular dental procedures.

  • Provides relief for tooth sensitivity

Laser treatments are more effective in treating tooth sensitivity.

  • Provides comfort for cold sores

Applying a dental laser to unsightly cold sores relieves and heals them faster.

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