Know What to Do When a Dental Emergency Strikes in Stamford, CT

When is dental trouble considered an emergency? In some cases, if a problem seems to call for the immediate assistance of dental professionals, it is already deemed to be urgent. For example, if uncontrollable bleeding and intense pain happen. However, people should know that emergency departments are not usually ready to cater to patients with dental emergencies. The best thing to do is to seek the attention of a dental office that offers same-day emergency visits like us at Stamford Dental Spa.

We assure all our patients that we are not only prepared to provide the best dental health care services but deliver their immediate oral care requests when needed as well. For our patients to be aware of their oral health state, we want to share the most common dental emergencies they might experience along with the instructions on what to do when the inevitable strikes.


Woman with toothache


Common Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Cracked or Broken tooth

One of the most common dental emergency treated by dentists is a cracked or broken tooth. In some cases, the tooth does not merely crack, but its nerves may also be exposed. When this occurs, the patient may experience intense pain, discomfort, and sensitivity. Make sure to schedule an appointment immediately for our dentist to perform necessary actions that can help alleviate pain and prevent the crack from worsening.

Knocked-out tooth

This type of emergency needs fast and calm thinking. The dentist can still save the dislodged tooth as long as the patient makes sure that the tooth is preserved before seeing the dentist. Patients can try to reinsert the tooth on its socket, however, if it is not possible, soaking the tooth in milk would also work. If there is pain involved, medications can be taken except for aspirin since it can cause more bleeding.

A toothache

Pain in the tooth indicates that there is something wrong, it may be due to food stuck in between teeth or an abscess that formed. The best thing to do is rinse the mouth with lukewarm water and floss afterward. It is to remove any food that may be causing the pain. If there is swelling involved, place a cold compress against the cheek and take over-the-counter medications. If the problem persists, call us at Stamford Dental Spa!


Let us help you with any of your dental health care needs including Same Day Emergency Visits in Stamford, CT. For more inquiries about the procedure, call or visit us at Stamford Dental Spa!