How your dentist can stabilize your dentures in Stamford?

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Stamford Dental Spa, located in Stamford, 06901, is known for serving all of its patients with love and affection and care. Patient satisfaction is our priority and spreading healthy smiles on their faces is an even bigger priority for us. As a team of professionals, we make sure that none of our patients go out of our clinic without being happy. Delivering exceptional dental care services is our key motto. We make sure that all our patients can be treated in the most relaxed manner, comfortably and get the individual attention they deserve.

Every aspect of our clinic, whether it is the people working for us or the equipment and the technology we use or the techniques and treatments we do, all of them are exceptionally brilliant and promise to spread the happy smiles you have always deserved.

At our clinic in Stamford, 06901, various surgeries are undertaken, both cosmetic and other surgical. And one of them is our denture surgeries. To understand this further, we must understand what dentures are like and what full and partial dentures are.

Dentures are removable replacements which are fixed into the place of a missing tooth or sometimes the tissues surrounding it. They are further categorized into two kinds- full and partial. Full dentures or complete dentures are either of a conventional kind or an immediate kind. Just like their name suggests, full dentures cover all the teeth. But it takes about twelve months after the gums heal for our orthodontists to fix those. Whereas, the immediate dentures can be placed as soon as possible, as they are made in advance and fixed soon after the original teeth are removed.

The partial dentures are of course a bit different than the full dentures. They are used when a couple of teeth remain in the lower or the upper jaw line. The partial dentures fill in the spaces of the missing teeth and help prevent the teeth from changing positions.

The team of professionals at our clinic in Stamford, 06901, has been using the method of placing dentures for a very long time and has been successful in spreading smiles. But the dentures us or any other dental practitioner uses tend to become loose because only replace the crowns of your teeth. Without there being actual original teeth, the jaw tends to shrink down and thereby, making the dentures loose over time. And hence, the difficulty in speaking and eating begins.

A solution on our end for this issue can be dental implants can be used to stabilize your dentures. Implants can keep them in place, firmly. It also serves the purpose of making sure that your dentures are comfortable and convenient as well as functional; and have no dangers of them falling off of your mouth. A minor surgery takes place in your jaw, to place some dentures which are needed, depending on the individual, carried out under local anesthesia.

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