How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home in 2 Minutes, Stamford?

Numerous products claim to beautify your teeth and your smile, available everywhere- grocery store, beauty store, drug stores! Most of these products are bound to give you better results and in a quick manner. However, these teeth whitening products can sometimes lead to damaging results as well. They might contain chemicals which can be harmful to the health of your dental aesthetics. Eventually, this can also lead to the erosion of your dental enamel.

There have been cases where people have seen similar results in the in-office teeth whitening treatments as well. But, the importance of a healthy smile can never be ignored. Here is how you can have your teeth brighter and whiter, without having to expose your teeth to harmful chemicals and substances, in natural ways:

You can go ahead with natural methods, every week to make sure you have a whiter and a brighter smile, with the help of two simple methods. They are all natural processes and take help of just your toothbrush as an extra dental equipment. You can say hello to a whiter smile every week with the help of –

  • A tablespoon of baking soda. Available in your kitchen cabinets.
  • Half a lemon of juice. Also available in your kitchen.
  • And a new toothbrush.

Once you have gathered all these ingredients, you would want to do the following things:

  • You would firstly, want to place a tablespoon of the baking soda in a bowl, and later squeeze the lemon juice (half of it) into the same.
  • Once you do this, the mixture will start fizzing up, because of the soda and citric acid mixing together.
  • After the fizzing has stopped or has subsided, you would want to take the new toothbrush you have and stir the mixture carefully, without making lumps. You would want to create a paste, of a thicker consistency.
  • If you are not able to get the right consistency, or if the paste mixture is too runny, you can always add more baking soda to ensure the consistency is correct.
  • Once the right thick and pasty consistency has been reached, you would want to take some of it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it, carefully and thoroughly. Just like you would brush regularly.
  • Once this process is done, you would want to rinse your mouth with a lot of water later. And that’s it.

This is the easiest way to whiten your smile naturally and quickly, in just two minutes. However, one must know that this method, no matter how comfortable or how convenient must be performed only once every week. Not more than that. No matter how natural this is, if used more than once in a week can cause damaging effects to your dental enamel.
You must also ensure that you use a fresh and clean toothbrush, the first time you do this method. And should save that toothbrush for further applications of the same method. This should be your teeth whitening dedicated toothbrush.
If you have dental braces on, you should refrain from such methods.
You can also substitute lemon juice for water.
The procedure is non-toxic and safe. If you happen to have consumed a bit of the mixture, you do not have to worry.
You would start seeing the desired results after about a month.