How Dentists in Stamford Make the Straightest Teeth

While crooked teeth are a cosmetic issue, it’s also a health issue. Learn why it’s a health issue and how dentists in Stamford straighten your teeth. The main reasons you should think about straightening your teeth are:

  • It’s harder to effectively brush and floss crooked teeth increasing the risk of plaque and bacteria buildup. This can potentially lead to tooth decay and gum disease which is the number one reason for adult tooth loss.
  • Straightening your teeth now can keep you from dealing with the repercussions of crooked teeth later like chipped, flattened, worn, or broken teeth.
  • Crooked teeth can cause bite and jaw issues like TMJ. If you’re experiencing frequent neck, jaw, or headaches, we recommend having your smile examined to see if it’s the source of the problem.
  • If your teeth aren’t straightened, it can lower your self-esteem. Crooked teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious, hiding your smile and avoiding social settings.
  • With straight teeth, it will be easier to maintain a beautiful healthy smile and will probably save you money in the future. 


How Dentists in Stamford make the straightest Teeth

  1. ClearCorrect
    Clear Correct invisible braces are the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth with no wires or brackets. Just clear, convenient comfort! With ClearCorrect, your teeth can be straightened using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner gently and gradually moves your teeth. You never have to sacrifice your favorite foods or your active lifestyle because the aligners are easy to remove so you can eat and brush as you normally would.
  2. Six Month Smiles
    Six Month Smiles involves the use of clear braces and thin, barely-there tooth-colored wires to transform smiles in an average of six months.


You might not be pursuing the smile of your dreams because you might think braces take a few years and require metal brackets and wires, but as mentioned above, here at Stamford Dental Spa, we can straighten your teeth in only six months. No matter if your teeth are overlapped, crowded, or widely spaced, we can give you the straight smile you have dreamed of!