Getting your wisdom teeth removed in Stamford, CT

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental procedures in all of the US. Wisdom teeth are located at the back of your gums and are the last set of teeth to come through. They usually appear during the late teens or to mid twenties, and as the rest of the dental structure is already formed, wisdom teeth may grow in a twisted angle or not fully emerge. This can cause complications that often result in severe pain. If you would like to know more about getting your wisdom teeth removed in Stamford, here’s everything you need to consider. 


How to know if you need your wisdom teeth removed?

Some people never experience problems with their wisdom teeth. In fact, most wisdom teeth that are removed come from patients in their teens or twenties. This is because wisdom teeth start to emerge around this age, and as they emerge, they may cause complications.

Most times wisdom teeth are removed when they are causing severe pain or there’s risk of an infection. Wisdom teeth may also be removed if they crown other teeth or get stuck and can’t fully come through your gums. If you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain, it’s always advisable to go to a dentist. And if you or your child is around the age of 16 to 19, getting wisdom teeth checked is crucial to prevent future complications. 


How are wisdom teeth removed?

If you are getting your wisdom teeth removed in Stamford, it’s important to have in mind this is a surgical procedure. To remove them, you’ll be given a local anesthetic injection before your doctor starts extracting the tooth. Once the removal starts, you may feel a slight pressure, but this is only a result of widening the area to get the tooth out more easily. 

In some occasions, a little more steps are needed, such as breaking the tooth into pieces or cutting the gum. Still, removing wisdom teeth is not a complex or dangerous operation, and it rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes. 


Important things to know 

Once your wisdom teeth are removed, you will experience some post-op effects that usually don’t last longer than three days. Among these are bleeding of the area, pain or swelling. During the first days, you should follow your doctor’s orders regarding care to ensure that you heal without any issues or further complications. You will need to eat soft foods during the first 24 hours, but on the brightside, healing from wisdom teeth removal always pairs well with ice cream. Within a few days, you will be available to return to your activities and resume your life as normal. 

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