Getting a six month smile in Stamford, CT

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Six Month Smiles are a dental procedure for those who are looking to straighten their teeth and get a more aesthetically-pleasing smile. They consist of clear braces placed in front of your teeth, just like traditional braces, except Six Month Smiles treatments are much more area-specific and tend to last shorter periods.  Six Months Smiles are used to tackle mild crooked teeth and are able to achieve fast results as they are cosmetically oriented rather than focussing in improving overall oral health. If you are thinking about getting a six month smile in Stamford, here are some important things to keep in mind. 

How to know if a Six Month Smile is right for you?

Six Month Smiles were created to treat mild dental imperfections located in your front teeth. This means that if you want to achieve a better smile, Six Months Smiles may be your answer. If, on the other hand, you want to repair several crooked teeth located in different parts of your mouth, this procedure may not cover all your needs. 

Six Months Smiles are quicker than other dental braces. This is because they only change the position of your frontal teeth. Another key feature is that they are very discreet and tend to be more affordable than other dental treatments. 

How are Six Month Smiles put into place?

The procedure of getting a Six Month Smile in Stamford is similar to other dental braces. First, your dentist will need to do impressions of your teeth, get X-rays and calculate the movement your teeth will need to make in order to achieve the desired smile. Once this part is taken care of, you will come back to get your custom braces placed.

Just as with traditional braces, regular dentist visits every four to five weeks are required in order to get your braces adjusted and reinforced. Still, depending on your teeth and needs, Six Months Smiles treatments can actually take between four to nine months to reach the intented goal. 

What are the benefits and downsides?


  • Affordable treatment: Because Six Months Smiles only focus on achieving a nicer look and moving the front teeth, they are cheaper than other, more complex dental procedures.
  • Quick results: Although the name may be misleading, Six Months Smiles treatments can reach the desired teeth position in four to five months (And up to around 9 months) This is because the procedure does not seek to improve functionality.
  • Discreet look: Six Months Smiles use tooth-colored brackets and wires to achieve a more discreet look. This is an important feature for those who are looking for orthodocency that does not alter the way they look while the treatment is in place. 


  • Only cosmetically-oriented: Six Months Smiles are designed to improve appearance. This means that functionality, like fixing the way teeth bite together, is not improved with this type of procedure.
  • Limited treatment: Six Months Smiles are used only to improve the position of front teeth. At the same time, this fairly new procedure is only available for patients above the age of 16. 
  • False expectations: Six Months Smiles are not able to fix major dental imperfections. Unless you only have mild crooked teeth focussed solely in the front, you may need a different type of procedure. 

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