From Hollywood to Stamford – Porcelain Veneers in Stamford

Leave it to a Hollywood dentist to come up with a way to make actors and actresses’ smiles look better. In the late 1920’s Dr. Charles Pincus came up with a procedure to do just that, and one we still use today here with our Dentists in Stamford.

The earliest form of faking out the public was not fully developed enough to use practically until 60 years later, when J.R. Calamia and R.J. Simonsen started using a technique developed in the 1960’s that used etching of teeth in order to apply adhesive, letting everyone outside of Hollywood have the chance to have a stunning superstar smile.

Now if you have chips, cracks, gaps between your teeth, a minor misalignment, or even discoloration our dentists can help with a porcelain veneer in Stamford.

Thin pieces of porcelain are applied to provide strength and can make slight position alterations, or change the tooth’s shape, size, or color.

You need to have:


  • Good periodontal and overall oral health
  • Continue proper oral care and hygiene
  • Clearly let their dentists know what their goal is during the consultation
  • And have enough healthy enamel so the dentist can remove a thin layer from their tooth before placing veneers

You also need to realize that because the dentist is taking material off of your teeth, the prep for the veneer makes it a permanent procedure. At some point the porcelain may need to be replaced, or an alternate procedure may be considered.

You will first have a consultation with our dentist to see if you meet the criteria to get a porcelain veneer. Some conditions, tooth decay, gum disease, root canal infections,can be treated successfully, so the consultation is key to seeing if you can be cleared to get them.

Veneers In Stamford are considered cosmetic procedures, so be aware that many insurance policies don’t cover them. 

Your dentist will create a mock-up before you make your final decision. This will give you an accurate presentation of what the outcome should be. 

Once you decide to go through with the procedure we will 


  • Remove a fine layer of enamel, 
  • Make a mockup of your teeth, 
  • Fabricate the veneer
  • Place the veneer to make sure it doesn’t affect your bite or cause issues with alignment of your teeth
  • Etch the tooth 
  • And use a bonding agent to fill in any microscopic rough spots, 


Veneers can be combined with teeth whitening procedures, gum reshaping or dental crowns to make the most of your new smile. And veneers generally last 10 years and while you need to avoid excessive force on the tooth, and continue a good cleaning regime, the porcelain veneers are very stain resistant.

There are many options when you want your smile to look it’s best. Talk to us in Stamford today at (203) 324-7777 to see if the red carpet awaits you!