Four Things Hygienists Need to Know About Dental Implants, Stamford

  1. Dental implants are one of the latest introductions in the world of dental aids. They are in fact artificial teeth which restore the original manner of eating, talking and smiling at a person. A person can behave like what he or she could before they have their original teeth removed. Also, dental implants are permanent. The structure of the implant includes a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone. The bone grows around the implant naturally, and it becomes firm in its space within a matter of three to four months. A dental cap or crown is placed atop the titanium screw to function as the tooth which the world sees.
  2. The dental implants can last the entire duration of the lifetime of the patient if they are properly cared for. However, they need to be shown to the dentist for periodic adjustments. Also, the dental implant is the device which needs to be kept very clean at all times. It is necessary to brush your teeth at least twice daily and for at least two minutes each time. It is also wise to use proper brushing technique. The dentist recommends that a patient brush his or her teeth after each meal or intake of food or drink. This may not always be possible. Thus, it is advisable to at least rinse the mouth thoroughly well each time to make sure that the food particles stuck between the teeth are washed away and rinsed out. Flossing of the implants should also be done at least once in a day on a regular basis.
  3. Dental implants are dental aids which are very useful since a person gets a fresh set of teeth. Though the treatment involves a lot of time, it is nevertheless best to go in for it since once you have the implants, you may be sorted out for this issue forever. Dentures are different from dental implants since the temporary ones need to be taken out each night and placed in a container full of cleansing liquid into which a cleansing tablet has been added. The dentures can also be brushed with this cleansing liquid.
  4. Dental implants mean tooth extraction if the tooth or teeth which are to be implanted have already not fallen or broken. Thus, a bit of discomfort is natural for those who are going in for this process. However, one must always bear in mind, the result of this kind of dental therapy since as mentioned above, one is sorted for life. Implant treatment also should not be thought of as an expensive one since it is quite unlike the cheaper alternative of dental dentures. Dentures may become loose and ill-fitting with time and will need to be replaced after every five to seven years. Thus, overall, even dentures prove very expensive for any given patient.
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