Fix a cracked or broken tooth in Stamford

There are many activities that can lead to a cracked or broken tooth. The symptoms that come with a cracked or broken tooth can range from having severe pain from chewing food to sudden pain when the tooth is exposed to very hot or cold temperatures. If you are looking for ways to fix a cracked or broken tooth in Stamford, read on.

How to fix a cracked or broken tooth?
  • Crowns

Crowns are able to easily cover the entire affected tooth. A very convenient solution for a cracked or broken tooth. 

  • Veneers

Veneers are custom-made colored porcelain or composite resin material shells that are placed over the affected tooth. It is the most popular cosmetic procedure to help restore and improve smiles. 

  • Dental implant

A dental implant is an extensive procedure used to restore a broken tooth or teeth.  A straightforward procedure where your dentist will remove the broken tooth and replace it with an implant.

  • Bonding

A fairly simple procedure where your dentist uses a composite material to correct and improve the appearance of a tooth. Using a blue light to harden the composite at the end.

  • Root canal

Infections can happen when there is a cracked or broken tooth. A root canal is usually recommended before your dentist can place a crown on the affected tooth, to prevent further infections.

  • Endodontic surgery

Endodontic surgery is recommended when a nonsurgical root canal procedure is not enough to save a crack or broken tooth. 

  • Fillings

Cost-efficient and painless. Fillings are the safest way to fix a cracked or broken tooth, by placing restorative material onto the surface of the tooth.

  • Dental sealants

Dental sealants are ideal for fixing holes in a tooth and protecting it from getting infections and from cavity-causing bacterias. 

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