Dental Emergency Myths That Can Put Your Oral Health at Risk

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Dental emergencies have always been around. People have always had their teeth knocked out, or having then damaged by food and have needed emergency dental treatment as a result. The field of dentistry has progressed over the years, and available treatments have become more sophisticated. Due to this, people understand how teeth works and the things that must be done during dental emergencies. Unfortunately, there are still floating myths about dentistry and teeth, especially with the actions taken during dental emergencies. Myths about dental emergencies are not only unhelpful, but they can also do more damage to your oral and general health. 

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To protect your oral health from more damage, Stamford Dental Spa has compiled dental emergency myths you must be aware of. Here are some of these myths:

Partially knocked out tooth can be re-planted in the socket without a dentist’s help

It is possible to re-plant a partially knocked out, or even a completely knocked out tooth back into the socket. This will save your tooth and help you avoid expensive dental treatments. However, this should always be done by a dentist. It may look easy to plant your tooth back into the socket, but you have no idea what else may have been damaged. In the instance of knocking a tooth out, take yourself to a dental clinic to avail of emergency dentistry services. Don’t put yourself at risk and immediately seek help from a dentist for proper care and treatment. 

Dental infections and clear up on their own

Unfortunately, dental infections cannot disappear on their own without the intervention of professional treatments. The infection needs to be treated, and the cavity needs to be closed to prevent further tooth damage. Some people might think this myth is true because the dental infection causes pain at the start. However, as the infection spreads out and kills the nerves, the pain subsides. What’s actually happening in your tooth is the spread of infection deeper into your root and gums. If left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss and gum disease.

Toothache is the only reason to see a dentist

As previously mentioned above, a toothache is not the only sign that there is a problem with your teeth and gums. You can have a severe dental infection without feeling any pain. It could be that the infection has not reached the nerve, or it is just a small cavity. Acting quickly and taking it to a dentist can help to avoid the need for complex treatments and even save the tooth. 

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