Comfort is Key in your Visit to the Dentist in Stamford

When you think about going to the dentist’s office you don’t think about it being comfortable. Unlike going to a resort, you aren’t usually concerned with the amenities. But comfort is key to making your experience better in Stamford.

Fifty to eighty percent of adults have some form of dental anxiety, visiting a dentist less often than they should or avoiding trips to the dentist altogether. By making the wait and the visit unique and memorable, it alleviates a lot of that stress, whether you are there for a routine check, or an extraction.


Not only does aromatherapy smell nice, it has health benefits as well. Dating back as far as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, fragrance has been used for medicinal and spiritual benefits.

The French used aromatherapy with soldiers suffering from PTSD and battle fatigue during WWI, and it has even been found to be effective in treating viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. It’s also believed that certain oils can help to alleviate pain. 


Before the late 1950’s the dental chair was a bit of a nightmare. The first dental chair was basically a writing desk with a padded headrest added on the top. This was actually quite an improvement over laying on the floor while the dental assistant held your head in place.

In 1867, a foot rest was added to the chair as well as a small amount of reclining ability, and that was the standard until 1958, when the fully reclining chair with adjustable back to fit the client was patented.

Since then chairs have improved to include heated seats and massage functions. 


Between our computers and our phones and tablets, our fingers are moving constantly. We are texting and typing and putting stress on all of the tiny bones, muscles, and joints in our hands. Paraffin wax has been used for centuries to help alleviate pain and stiffness.

The warmth of the wax allows the blood vessels to expand, rejuvenating, hydrating, healing, and increasing circulation. 


There are things you can do as well to make your visit more comfortable. Bring a comfort item. Something as silly as a small plush elephant or a worry stone may bring comfort to you and there is no judgment with your dentist.

Most importantly, talk to your dentist. Have them explain the procedure step by step. Ask them questions, and let them know your stressors. They want you to have a happy and healthy smile, and they understand that your preconceptions may be preventing that. 

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