Can I get Braces As An Adult in Stamford?

Can I get braces as an adult? Yes!  It is recommended that you get your braces around the age of 8 to 14 years old for it is easier for the teeth to straighten out at that age, but braces at 35 can still work. Yet however it may take the teeth longer to straighten out. If you are interested to find out more about braces for adults, read on…

Types of braces

Braces are used to adjust the positioning of your teeth and jaw. They are used to align crooked teeth, modify the spacing between teeth, or correct a bad bite. To correct Today there are many options of braces to choose from, and this can be daunting. 

Conventional braces
The old braces from 10 years ago have metals on every tooth. The conventional braces nowadays are just metals on the front of the teeth with wires anchored to the back.  Another type of conventional braces is using ceramic tooth color to replace the metal normally used. Conventional braces have the shortest time to show effect however, it is the most noticeable even with the ceramics.  

Not completely invisible, aligners are clear trays that you would wear for 20-22 hours a day. You only take them out when you eat or to brush your teeth. They are changed every 2 weeks to adjust to the shifting of the teeth. Aligners are less conspicuous than conventional braces and they don’t affect how you brush and floss your teeth, unlike other types of braces. But you are required to be disciplined to the routine of wearing the aligners. Neglect may result in longer treatment time than expected. 

Self-ligating braces
Traditional braces use elastic bands or metal ties. In contrast, self-ligating braces use a system built into the bracket itself to hold the archwire (wire that runs through the metal brackets). There are two types of self-ligating brackets: active and passive. 

  • Active brackets
    Uses a sliding spring clip mechanism. They press against the archwire, applying an active force.
  • Passive brackets
    Uses a simple sliding mechanism. Unlike active brackets, they don’t press on the archwire.

Lingual braces

Similar to conventional braces, but the brackets are placed on the back of the tooth. They work just like conventional braces and are practically invisible to the eye. If you prefer something unnoticeable, lingual braces is the best option. However on the other hand they can be a little pricier due to them being custom-made for patients. 

What to expect?

A typical course for wearing braces can be from 18 to 22 months, depending on the amount of shifting needed and the faithfulness of the patients to their new routine and device. A treatment for braces can cost around between $3,000 and $8,000.

Whether it is the traditional braces or the contemporary braces may lead to pain or discomfort, particularly when you first get them or after an adjustment. Moreover, regardless of the type of appliance, your orthodontist may want you to wear a retainer after treatment is complete. 

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