Building New Relationships with your dentist in Stamford

You may have just moved to the area, or you might be transferring dentists for other reasons, but in Stamford we provide new patients a way to ease into the change.

Finding a good dentist is like finding a good relationship, we are in it for the long haul.

Why do you need a new dentist in Stamford?

The most common reasons that people decide they need a new dentist are:


  • Retirement: Your dentist is retiring
  • Move: You or your dentist has moved from the area
  • Pain: Your dentist or hygienist is too rough
  • Cleanliness: Dust, clutter, items not stored properly, and dirty restrooms
  • Expense: Insurance changes or procedures that aren’t covered by insurance
  • Convenience: Hours of operation, drive time, ability to make an appointment.


Whatever your reason, finding a new dentist is an important decision and one that requires some consideration. If you are finding a new dentist because your old one retired, you understand that the patient/dentist relationship is one that is hopefully long lasting and finding one you trust is imperative.

What to do when looking for a new dentist in Stamford

Once you’ve decided that you need a new dentist, the first thing is to make sure your insurance is covered with the new dentist. In Stamford we are in-network with most major insurance plans and PPO’s. We also offer in house savings and flexible payment plans.

Request your dental records from your current Dentist. Under HIPAA, you have the right to receive copies of your health information from Any provider. Those health records are yours and you have the right to your entire file, including the financials, the treatment plan, X-rays, and anything else it may contain. Note that some places may charge you a fee for your records for administrative costs, like copying or postage.

Do some research. Check reviews, testimonials, the website, to see if this is the right fit for you and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions.

When to switch to a new Dentist in Stamford

Once you’ve chosen us here in Stamford, give us a call and we will walk you through any questions you may have regarding your forms, procedure, and appointment. We provide the forms for you ahead of time so when you arrive for your appointment we are ready to focus on you.

Ask if you can forward your dental records from your old dentist to us, or drop them off beforehand. 

Our dental staff is ready to accommodate you, whether you need a routine check-up or you have an urgent situation. We will make a plan for the continued health of your smile. 

Make sure to call us at (203) 324-7777 so we can get new out of the way and begin building a relationship that will last for years to come.