Answering Frequently Asked Questions About White Fillings in Stamford, CT

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Silver fillings had been surrounded by bad impressions—’toxic’ dental restoration, aesthetically unpleasant, and invasive—all these labels leave people doubtful to invest in the said dental filling. That is why the emergence of white fillings had become good news for those who are planning to mend their cavities.

White Fillings in Stamford


Here at Stamford Dental Spa, we treat decayed tooth using our white fillings. Despite the many materials used to create dental fillings, we stick to composite-resin as it is known to resemble the natural color of the teeth. For anyone who is considering white fillings to restore the appearance of their damaged pearly white, learn from these FAQs below.

FAQs Regarding White Fillings

How can patients benefit from white fillings?

This restoration option is equipped with many advantages. However, the main feature of white filling is its ability to become invisible in the teeth, knowing that the material used for its creation is tooth-colored. Another thing that separates it apart amalgam filling is that it doesn’t require the enamel to be reduced in a large quantity during its application.

What to expect during the procedure of white fillings?

The dentist will first prepare the tooth that needs the filling. If it is ready, the composite will then be applied in layers. Hardening the filling is important, so to hasten the process, a curing light is utilized. Next, the white fillings are shaped carefully to fit the tooth. The dental professional will finish it up with polishing to keep the fillings away from wearing and staining.

Is it safe to receive white fillings?

When compared to silver amalgam, white fillings are safer because they contain no mercury. Nevertheless, there are also studies that say composite-resin fillings contain BPA which may be harmful to children and infants.

What are the disadvantages of white fillings?

The risk of teeth sensitivity after undergoing the treatment is present. Also, people may find it hard to maintain the stain-free appearance of their fillings since it is not resistant to stains. White fillings can change in color when exposed to colorful drinks and foods.

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