5 ways your dentist can improve your smile

Time and time again, we see how important an attractive smile and healthy mouth are for self confidence and overall good health.  If you’re feeling down about your smile, there’s hope in the form of dental services at your Stamford dentist office.  Keep reading to learn more about these 5 ways your dentist can improve your smile.

  1. If your teeth are chipped, your Stamford dentist can perform dental services known as dental bonding. This is one of the dental services used to build up the chipped or broken tooth with a tooth-colored material.


  1. Your Stamford dentist may recommend another of the popular dental services known as crowns to improve your smile. Your Stamford dentist completes these dental services by attaching a specially made tooth-shaped crown or cap to your tooth to improve its size, appearance and strength.


  1. If you’d like a brighter smile, your Stamford dentist may recommend dental veneers, another of the common dental services used to improve the look of your smile. Dental veneers are thin shells made out of tooth colored materials that are bonded to the front of your teeth by your Stamford dentist to complete this popular type of dental services.


  1. You can also choose teeth whitening, one of the most common dental services done by you Stamford dentist to give you a sparkling white smile. Teeth whitening involves using special whitening agents to lift the color of your teeth by a few shades during a visit to your Stamford dentist office for dental services.